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Sunnyvale Mid Century House

This major renovation of an entire home in Sunnyvale included a new kitchen, living room, family room, three bedrooms, and two and a half bathrooms. 

​My clients are big fans of the mid-century modern look, and having plenty of storage was a top priority for them. Therefore, the custom-made mid-century style vanities that I designed for each of the bathrooms featured plenty of practical storage solutions.

In addition to mid-century inspired storage solutions, we worked together to collect other elements that would complement the space, such as new furniture, accessories, pieces of art, and more. The synchronization of a defined vision, a tight time frame, and amazing clients made me one incredibly happy interior designer.​

Kitchen: Customized slab kitchen cabinets and tiles from Fireclay were perfect for this project. We chose handmade tiles because we were drawn to the very subtle differences in each tile -- in terms of shape, hue, and depth -- to be charming. This investment was worth it because the tiles are indeed the main focus of this room.

Family room: You know what remodeling is like? As you watch your home transform, becoming increasingly beautiful with every step, your appetite grows and you start craving more. This is exactly how the story of this remodel began, starting with the fireplace in the family room. The initial plan was to keep things simple - maybe just re-do the backing and spray-paint over the shiny gold glass heat shield. Along the way, we understood that if we added the rift white oak veneer from the kitchen cabinets, we would be able to transform this fireplace into a modern one, and subsequently, this space would visually tie together with the kitchen area. The tile we ended up using, to add texture to the back of the fireplace, was a herringbone style which I had stumbled on by chance and fell in love with immediately due to its small scale pattern.

Master bedroom: We spruced this room up with mid-century patterned wallpaper that I found on Etsy. The print had fabric texture which I love. The pattern was gorgeous and added so much personality to the room.

Master bathroom: Here too I designed a custom-made mid-century style vanity with a medium-toned walnut color stain. Black and white textured ceramic tiles, in a basket weave layout, complimented this room perfectly. For a modern yet classy feel, we installed black and brass hardware.

Though the kids' bathroom and the powder room featured the same wood stain and overall look, each of the custom vanities served the different needs of its users. For example, in the kids' bathroom, we installed a laundry pull-out laundry closet that I designed (the kind I wish that I had in my own kids' bathroom to hide all the clothes).

Photos by: Limor Edrey

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